Aastek Electronics Corporation Heatsinks

​212 Enterprise Blvd.

​Emory, TX 75440

​(903) 953-0888

Aastek Electronics Corporation Heatsinks

AASTEK Electronics is a manufacturer of extruded aluminum heatsinks, bonded fin heatsinks, folded fin heatsinks, heat spreaders, faceplates, busbars and many other products made from aluminum, brass & copper.

Incorporated in 1998 as AASTEK Electronics Corporation and now doing business as AASTEK Manufacturing. We provide machined parts to OEM companies in the Telecom, Power Supply, Medical, Motion Control, Theater Lighting, Power Conversion, Digital Electronics, Transportation and Information Distribution Industries.

Customer Service is embedded into each of our employees and we're committed to integrating a positive quality attitude throughout the company so that it becomes the way we think and act without even mentioning the actual words "Customer Service" and "Quality".

It's the atmosphere we have created by seeking to aquire and keep the BEST:


Staff Members






All while serving and supporting our local community.